When we ask adults about learning, they usually paint pictures of classrooms with teachers teaching in a highly structured format. An environment that is commonly known to us. Many parents, students even educators fail to realise that in a typical classroom, teaching takes place all the time. But not necessarily learning.

At Mind On Education, a truly learner-centred environment is the overall blueprint that guides us towards achieving intended learning outcomes. In such an environment, the need for effective instructional strategies becomes more obvious and pressing. Effective pedagogical strategies allow us to tailor our teaching materials to the immediate needs of our students. Teachers can quickly ascertain how students are performing, phrase explanation differently to help them understand better.

Drawing on our own experience and expertise, Mind On Education offers this wealth of knowledge for students seeking to excel academically. We have built up a track record as a centre for individual’s pursuit for academic excellence. We have continually refined our pedagogy to meet the requirements of today’s learning environment. At Mind On Education, our experienced teachers ensures that every student’s “touchpoint” with us is fruitful and meaningful. We will help you to achieve excellent academic performance.

Recognising that technology represents a paradigm shift on the nature of learning and advocating e-learning, We are also constantly embarking on new technologies to enhance the learning process. ‘Pedagogy before technology’ is a common catchphrase, serving also as a guideline for Mind On Education to ensure that our engagement in technology for education is pedagogically effective.

We have challenging educational ambitions for our students: higher academic achievement, improved retention in further and higher education, and closer relationships between education and knowledge acquisition. Achieving these ambitions, or even significant progress towards them would have enormous value for every student. We hope that students are able to take advantage of our programmes where learning is fostered and supported.


Mr Ladfield Chin


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